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American College of Radiology NEMA XR-29 Frequently Asked Questions

The American College of Radiology has created a series of FAQs to assist healthcare providers understand and comply with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) XR-29 Standard Attributes on CT Equipment Related to Dose Optimization and Management. Providers have until Jan. 1, 2016, to meet the new standard or face Medicare payment cuts for exams performed on noncompliant equipment.
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AAPM Updates Lung Cancer Screening CT Protocols (7/17/15)

The AAPM, through its Working Group on Standardization of CT Nomenclature and Protocols, has updated its lung cancer screening CT protocols to include manufacturer and model-specific protocols for all of the applicable manufacturers of CT equipment currently sold in the US.
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AAPM Updates Vendor-Specific CT Dose Check Education Slides

Dose Notification and Alert Values can be configured as part of a CT scanner’s Dose Check feature. These educational slides explain CT Dose Notification and Alert values and key vendor-specific points to ensure successful implementation.
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MITA Issues White Paper on XR 29 Compliance Process

MITA has issued a white paper on the XR 29 compliance process to help CT users learn how to meet all four attributes of the Smart Dose Standard and avoid payment cuts from CMS.
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Answers to Common Questions About the Use and Safety of CT Scans

Oct. 5, 2015 – This article from the Mayo Clinic answers common questions about CT scanning and radiation to provide physicians with accurate information on which to base their medical decisions and respond to patient questions. Some general FAQs regarding medical imaging and radiation dose are also provided.

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Radiation Doses in Consecutive CT Examinations from Five University of California Medical Centers

The University of California Dose Optimization and Standardization Endeavor is a collaboration across the University of California medical centers (University of California at Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco) to assess and optimize CT doses.

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U.S. National Diagnostic Reference Levels: Closing the Gap

A discussion about national diagnostic reference levels (DRL), achievable dose, and the University of California Dose Optimization and Standardization Endeavor.

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EPA Updates Guidance for Federal X-Ray Facilities

The EPA has updated Federal Guidance Report No. 14: Radiation Protection Guidance for Diagnostic and Interventional X-Ray Procedures to include facility guidance for radiography, CT, interventional fluoroscopy and bone densitometry.

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Are the Studies on Cancer Risk from CT Scans Biased by Indication?

Suggests that the indication for examinations, whether suspected cancer or predisposing factors management, should be considered to avoid overestimation of the cancer risks associated with CT scans.

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2015 International Day of Radiology Poster

Patient Imaging History Card

Use this free poster to promote the International Day of Radiology (IDoR), taking place Nov. 8, 2015. Pediatric imaging is the theme of this year's celebration.

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Patient Medical Imaging Record

Patient Imaging History Card

This free imaging card allows patients to easily track the date, type, and location of their radiology exams. It is cosponsored by Image Wisely and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

» Standard Size — English
» Standard Size — Spanish
» Wallet Size (English only)

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